Why Vegan?

Health Benefits
  • Increase your energy.
  • Younger Looking Skin.
  • Vegans are leaner, have lower BMIs and have lower percentages of body fat.
Environmental Benefits
  • Do your part to fight climate change.
  • Water: The livestock sector is a key player in increasing water use.
  • Land degradation: Expansion of livestock production is a key factor in deforestation.
Check These Videos Out.
  • Earthlings Earthlings.com
  • Cowspiracy Available on Netflix
  • Forks Over Knives Available on Netflix
  • What do vegans eat?

    Vegan food is delicious: So you’re worried that if you go vegan, you’ll have to give up hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and ice cream? You won’t. As the demand for vegan food skyrockets, companies are coming out with more and more delicious meat and dairy-product alternatives that taste like the real thing but are much healthier and don’t hurt any animals. Plus, I have vegan meal plans to help you get started!

    Want positive change?

    You may have noticed that I have mentioned veganism and plant-based nutrition throughout my site. Let me share a piece of my personal story, and explain.

    Growing up eating meat and dairy every day, I constantly had digestion issues, acne, mood swings, and felt fatigue very often. When I first began body building, I was eating chicken or fish 6-7 times a day every single day. I noticed that cutting out red meat improved my digestion, but I still suffered with a hormone imbalance, caused by nutrient deficiencies. Though I looked fit on the outside, I was anything but that on the inside. One day I was meal prepping my usual ounces of chicken, when I suddenly felt disgusted with the flopping, gooey slabs of meat and fat on the pan. I started to wonder, how many total chickens I consumed every month. I looked down at my puppy, and thought about how other countries find it relatively normal to consume dogs. It struck me that both a chicken and a dog were both living, breathing, souls. I starting doing research, and never looked back. I became vegan overnight, and left behind everything that bodybuilding had taught me about protein. Though the quick transition was a shock, it was the BEST choice of my entire life. Going Vegan has improved my body, inside and out, and expanded my compassion for all life. Though my knowledge of nutrition and training allows me to give guidance to anybody, I deeply encourage you to take some time to research the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle. I have helped many clients and friends transition to eating Vegan, and would be honored to guide you as well.


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