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  • Author: Bianca Taylor

This guide will challenge the reader to dig deep for strength to let go of harmful habits and embrace a new and healthy future. ConquerE.D. is a simple step by step guide to overcoming eating disorders, body image issues, and finding self love that should ALWAYS be applied to livilihood, alongside seeking professional mental health attention.

In this guide I have used my own personal experiences, knowledge in health and wellness with the professional methods of mental health counslers to create the simpliest way to conquer issues that millions of young women and men are facing everyday in our society. Today, so many young women and men struggle with having a normal relationship with food.

This guide is full of exercises designed to help you view yourself in a new light. Eating disorders and self image issues are all stemmed from deep rooted self-love problems, usually that have developed due to childhood experiences, exposure to todays media’s standards of the human body, and other internal conflicts. I wrote this guide using my past of struggling with anorexia, binge eating, and anorexia athletica, in order to create something uplifting that will prevent young women and men from the same troubling experiences I had which later led to serious health complications.

*This guide is intended for ages 13+ (minors should always consult with a parental guardian while applying the exercises and tips in this guide)**

Sections Include:


  • Pages 5-9: Who I Am, My Personal Story by Bianca Taylor

  • Part 1: Getting Your Mind Ready to Recover
    Pages 11-13: Recognizing You Have Problem
    Pages 14-15: Bodily Red Flags

  • Part 2: The First Steps Towards a Healthy Future
    Pg 17: Deciding to Take Control and Make a Change
    Pgs 18-20: Overcoming Food Fears / Dealing with Binges
    Pgs 21: Giving the Gym a Break
    Pgs 22: Beginning to View Yourself Differently

  • Part 3: Finding Balance and Maintaining it
    Page 24: Letting Go of the Past / Drop Comparison
    Page 25: Achieving BALANCE with Food
    Page 26: Exercising because you LOVE your body

  • Part 4: Getting Over Some Hurdles
    Pgs 29-30: Weight Gain after Recovery?
    Pg 31: What the Media Wants You to Believe

  • Part 5: I Love That I Love Myself
    Pages 33-34: What is Self Love? / Self-Love Exercises
    Page 35: Finding Something to Live For

  • Part 6: Tips for a Healthy & Happy Post Recovery Life
    Pgs 37-41: My Top 10 Healthy & Yummy Recipes
    Pg 42: Balancing Hormones
    Pgs 43-44: Tips for Healing the Body